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May 5th 2014

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- on Friday January 22nd 2016

We are writing about superior customer service we received on Saturday, December 12, 2015 from the Evergreen Ford staff yet again, specifically, Mike Fulmer, Chet Kono, Andrew Wight, Tedi Pelligrini, Scott Mabry, and Brenda Lane. We may have left someone out, since that evening was so hectic. Let us start off by saying that we have purchased 3 vehicles from this dealership, and we have all of them serviced there. This story is exactly the reason we continue to be loyal customers, and make the drive from Puyallup past many other Ford dealerships on our way to Evergreen Ford. On the evening of Saturday, December 12, 2015, we were driving our 2015 Ford Escape while towing a small utility trailer we rented from a local rental company. We were in Seattle to pick up a piece of furniture. Also, Deanna had a major surgery about a month prior. Unfortunately, the vehicle started malfunctioning on the onramp to NB I5 at Dearborn Street in Seattle. It was a very cold, stormy and rainy night, so we pulled onto the shoulder on the onramp. The vehicle would not start, and we were stuck. We called Ford Roadside assistance, advised them of our situation, and fact that we had a rental trailer attached to the vehicle. They advised they would dispatch someone to us and they should be out within 60 minutes. We thought the incident was taken care of, and we waited patiently. About 30 minutes later, we received a call back, and they said that it would be an extra $175 to tow the rental trailer, or we could just leave it on the side of the road. Neither one of was working at the time, so, the $175 was not an option. We said no thank you, and called AAA. Due to the stormy weather, they said it would be at least 4 hours to get to us. Then, we called the Roadside assistance company for the rental trailer. They told us we could leave the trailer and they would send someone the next day or Monday, and they could not help us since the trailer itself was not broken down. Obviously, none of these were viable options. We called several people to see if someone had a vehicle with a hitch to tow the trailer, but no such luck. However, two of our friends who were in Seattle were able to come and wait with us. Finally, we called the dealership, and they said if we could figure out a way to get it there, they would take care of us. We spoke with Andrew and Mike. They tried talking us through a few things we could do to possibly get the vehicle running again. Nothing worked. Miraculously, after one last try, the vehicle started. However, we had no speedometer, no gas gauge, no climate control, and no dashboard lights, we were able to drive the vehicle and trailer to your dealership. We followed our friends there in case something else happened, and so we knew how fast we were going. Also, keep in mind that based on our location, we had to go EB on I90, and it was down to one lane at that time at the Mt. Baker tunnel. So we were sitting in traffic hoping our vehicle would make it to the dealership. Finally, we arrived at the dealership. Mike, Chet, Tedi, and Scott greeted us. They helped us pull the vehicle and trailer into the service bay. They said they would keep it locked up in there until Monday when service could look at our vehicle. They offered us coffee and water, let us warm up and dry off, and helped us transfer our personal items. They had a loaner vehicle ready to go, it was warmed up, and all the paperwork was ready. They made it so easy, and helped us laugh and smile a little bit too after quite the adventure. Brenda called us on Monday after Service looked at the vehicle. While they found numerous fault codes and cleared them, they could not really identify the cause of the fault codes. So, after some additional discussion, she listened to our concerns, and agreed to keep the vehicle for several more days just to see if they could repeat the issue. They could not get the vehicle to repeat the issue and it has been fine since that time, however, Brenda was able to reassure us. It would have been so easy for them to say there was nothing else they could do, and for us to pick up our vehicle, but they all went above and beyond. They did the right thing. We just want to express our gratitude to all of the staff on that evening. They continue to exceed our expectations, and that's why we keep coming back. They may sell vehicles, but at the end of the day it's about the people and relationships. We continue to refer our friends and family, and anyone else we can to the dealership. Feel free to share this story. Sincerely, Jason and Deanna Erb

5/5 stars

Puyallup, WA

- on Saturday December 19th 2015

Great service, on-time,excellent service advisor

5/5 stars

Renton, WA

- on Monday November 16th 2015

Evergreen Ford always has provided terrific customer service to me over the past 12 years!

5/5 stars

Issaquah, WA

- on Saturday October 31st 2015

No issues - was handled expertly and service representative was

5/5 stars

Woodinville, WA

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